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Astorius is a leading provider of private equity investments for private individuals, family offices, foundations and institutional investors. We specialise in diversified access to the middle market in Europe and the US.

Our investment approach is based on the many years of practical experience in our team as private equity managers and company analysts. Thanks to this expertise, we have developed an analysis and screening process since our founding in 2012 that has made us one of the most sophisticated investors in the private equity market today.

Out of conviction, we always invest together with our clients. As true partners, we can regularly offer them not only superior returns but also additional added value from our wide network.

Entrepreneurial commitment

Our history

We were founded in 2012 with the motivation of continuing to offer private investors in Germany access to the private equity asset class in the changed regulatory environment following the AIFM Directive. As pioneers in this field, we were one of the first private equity providers registered by BaFin in Germany at the end of 2013.

As private equity entrepreneurs, it was important for us from the outset to build Astorius on three central pillars: superior investment expertise, efficient structuring of investment vehicles, and the best possible personal support for our investors.

In subsequent years, we have thus launched several fund-of-funds programmes in the European mid-market segment, some of which are among the highest-yielding private equity vehicles worldwide in their respective vintage.

Since 2019, together with our strategic partner Twin Bridge Capital Partners in Chicago, we have also been offering access to mid-market investments in the USA, which is unique for German private investors.

Today, we manage ten fund of funds programmes with our team of 18 and manage approximately EUR 600 million in client assets.

Who are our clients?

Our clients today include wealthy private investors, foundations, family offices as well as institutional and church investors.

Traditionally, the share of investors who are or were themselves professionally active in the private equity environment is very high. In our first fund ACF I, over 80% of the investors were professionally connected to the private equity industry as fund managers, lawyers, investment bankers or management consultants. We are proud that these “insiders” entrust us with their private assets.

Many of our clients are now also multiple subscribers to our funds of funds and build up a long-term investment allocation for their assets through repeated investments.

Investing together

Our way of investing is shaped by the experience in our team as private equity managers and company analysts. And above all by the fact that we always make every investment decision for our own money. Because we invest in all our funds together with our clients. We are certain that this makes us better investors.

Before joining Astorius, Georg Remshagen was an equity analyst for 25 years and most recently co-head of equity analysis at Commerzbank with a focus on small and medium-sized public companies. In this capacity, he continuously analysed business models from a wide range of industries down to the last detail and identified the success factors for market-leading companies.

The combination of these two competences – private equity experience and company analysis – is rarely found in this quality in the fund analysis teams of fund-of-funds providers and is decisively responsible for the investment success of our ACF programmes.

Under the leadership of Thomas Weinmann and Georg Remshagen, our fund analysis team has developed a multi-stage, systematic investment process that makes us one of the most sophisticated investors in the market today.

When our Investment Committee discusses a potential new fund manager in several meetings, the decisive question is never “Does this fund sell well?” but always “Is this the strongest fund we can find?” – for your money and for ours.

Only when, after three meetings and several months of intensive analysis, the committee votes unanimously to include a fund, is it included in an ACF fund.

Our team

Our team is built along the three central pillars that have been crucial to us since our founding: superior private equity investments, efficient structuring and personal service to our investors.

Every team member is invited to contribute to our investment decisions. And because virtually every team member takes up our offer to also invest privately alongside our clients, our entire team is dedicated to mutual success.

We are always present and approachable for our clients. Over the years of investing together, we have formed a genuine partnership that spurs us on again and again.

Working at Astorius

Our employees take on responsibility immediately. Whether you are an intern, working student or associate – as part of the Astorius team, you will be trusted from the very beginning. From day one, you will be involved in exciting and challenging projects and learn about the private equity industry “on the job”.

We are interested in people who can quickly adapt to new situations, are confident in working out solutions on their own initiative, are interested in company analyses and are prepared to work intensively with the best private equity funds in the world.

For carreer-related inquiries please contact Julien Zornig.

Social commitment


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